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Our goal from day one has been to offer our customers the best of both worlds


In 1995 Yousif Ibrahim founded the company J.M.R. FOOD AB. He had lived in Sweden for 8 years and during that time he had the privilege of taking in Sweden’s food culture. While it was exciting for him to try the traditional Swedish tastes, he experienced a longing for the flavors from the Middle East. He then had an idea to introduce typical Middle Eastern spice mixes into the Swedish market. The idea was to build a bridge between various food cultures and make great tasting mixes available for everyone. It was the beginning of what today is Gröna Bladet. As Gröna Bladet has grown, our assortment of spices have also been influenced by cuisines from around the world.


In January 2007 we moved to a new location in Arlandastad, north of Stockholm, and in the summer of 2007 the company’s name was changed to Gröna Bladet AB. It was during that time that we introduced a series of organically- and KRAV-certified spices into our assortment. Today we can proudly say that we have one of Sweden’s broadest assortment of both organic and conventional herbs and spices, and that we are constantly working to discover new, delicious, and authentic flavors to our customers.




About us


We want to spice up your life with excitement!


Our family-owned company has a vast knowledge of spices. For 20 years now we have imported dried herbs and spices from all around the world. We even blend and mix our own spices with inspiration coming straight from our kitchen using family recipes that have been passed down many generations.


Although we have roots in the Middle East and are specialists in oriental tastes, we’ve also adopted flavors from Sweden and other countries to our unique blends and mixes.


Our spices cater to those who love to cook, and our goal is to offer authentic tastes to suit any meal. We offer one of Sweden’s largest assortment of spices, including a range that are organically- and KRAV-certified. We also offer Jasmine and Basmati rice, as well as canned goods. Our clientele consists of wholesalers, restaurants, caterers, bakeries, cafes, jam producers, butcheries, sausage handlers, grocery stores, and many other types of shops. The list goes on and on!


Try some of our delicious flavors today to spice up your cooking!


Our certificates

We at Gröna Bladet have always strived to be the first in the line when it comes to the development of both taste and quality. Therefore, we are of course BRC-certified, which verifies that the company has undergone a series of extensive inspections concerning accountability, hygiene, and the handling of our products and equipment.


Our products’ packaging are all environmentally-friendly and each and every article has a certificate verifying that the raw materials and ingredients are of the highest quality and content. We also place the same strict demands on all of our suppliers and transport companies, as they must be BRC or ISO9001 certified.






Find our BRC-certificate. You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to open the pdf document.

At Gröna Bladet we are BRC, KRAV and EU-organically certified


An interesting and refreshing development in recent years is that organically grown products are becoming increasingly common in grocery stores. Gröna Bladet, however, has been KRAV- and EU-certified organic since 2007, and we are constantly working to expand our range of KRAV- and organically-labeled products.

Find our KRAV/EU-organic certificate. You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to open the pdf document.

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